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After reaching out to Tesco Glastonbury - We will now be handing out free fruit for children each Friday to help families who are struggling financially during the COVID pandemic.

Please share this message to help spread the word.

The fruit bags are designed to be a helpful addition to food banks which don’t always provide fresh groceries. Our dentist, James Main, says, “We would always want to provide a healthy option to children and promote a good diet for their all-round wellbeing, and strong teeth and gums.”

If families are interested they should message Practice Manager Alison Davis through Facebook, or email TRUST Dental on or call 01458 840033, ideally before 5pm on Thursdays with their child’s name and a rough time for collection on Fridays between 9am and 5pm.

Children who have notified the practice requesting a fruit bag can come along and pick up their labelled fruit from outside the practice. Children under ten should be accompanied by an adult.

For those who aren't too sure where we are located, We are at the end of the High Street nearest to Greenbank swimming pool (50 High St) and a walk-by for many Crispin students!

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