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By joining our plan, you are contributing to local charities!

The Crispin Community Social Group, based at Crispin Community Centre in Street, is a place where senior citizens, especially those who live on their own can come together and enjoy activities and friendship, which we all know how important that is from the Covid experience. 👵👴🧓

TRUST Dental decided to approach the Crispin Community Social Group to offer it financial support as it met TRUST Dental’s criteria of being a local charity serving the local community. The group will be supported with regular donations linked to the TRUST Dental plan from the TRUST Dental practice on the High Street. 🥰

We recognise that local charities often find it difficult to raise funds and more importantly to have regular funding, that is why we have linked our support for the Crispin Community Social Group to the monthly premiums from our TRUST Dental plan, where we donate 1% of our monthly premiums to the Community Social Group. As our plan grows the group will get more funding until we achieve a percentage of their annual budget when we shall look to another local charity to support. 😋

If you know other local charities serving the local community and looking for regular monthly financial support, please contact us!



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