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We offer a four year guarantee

on all recommended treatments*

A program of treatment so as to enable you to have a Comfortable mouth with a Confident smile whilst we treat you in a Caring Environment with Cost-effective high-quality treatment.

With our unique 4 year guarantee, we
have a vested interest in ensuring that every treatment you have with us is another step to a long term goal of less time in the dental chair and more time
to have a better quality of life.

Comfortable mouth

Comfortable mouth
Emergency dentist

When patients are asked what they want out of their teeth they would often say ‘all I want is my mouth to be comfortable’. We at TRUSTDental understand that need and know that many patients that come to us undergo what we call ‘revolving door dentistry’ when they are in and out a dental practice constantly having dentistry done and never seemingly getting their mouths and teeth comfortable, believing they have a difficult set of teeth. 

At TRUST Dental we never make judgments and we certainly do not believe that anyone has a difficult mouth as we have never come across a mouth we cannot fix. The team at TRUST Dental can offer all that modern dentistry has to offer whether it is from dental implants to simple fillings, from gum treatments to dentures, from root canal treatment to extractions our aim is to ensure your mouth is comfortable and stays that way, so you can enjoy the quality of life to allow you to eat, talk or sing even, but basically get on with your life and not to worry about your teeth, leave that to us at TRUST Dental. 

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Confident smile
Emergency dentist

Everyone wants a smile that they can feel confident about. 

A smile which they know will brighten up that moment for the person they are smiling at, a smile which makes them want to smile and lets them be the best of themselves instead of being constrained by their teeth. Over many years we at TRUST Dental have enabled thousands of patients to have confident smiles. 

We believe that a confident smile is unique to each person and we spend the time in understanding you before a decision is made with you as to what is going to give you that confident smile.

By using Invisalign orthodontic treatment, dental implants, veneers, cosmetic crowns, white fillings and teeth whitening whether in combination or on its own we aim to enable you to achieve that confident smile and to keep it confident for many years to come.

Whatever you may invest in a confident smile, we will guarantee you it will be the gift to you and those close to you that will keep on giving

Emergency dentist



Caring environment
Dental implants Somerset

We are TRUST Dental because we understand that the one thing you need most from a dental team is TRUST.

Almost everyone in the UK has at one time or another experienced going to the dentist and often the most vivid emotional memories they have are sadly poor experiences when they were children. These experiences are carried with them until adulthood and can manifest itself from nervousness to fear and outright phobia.

We understand how you feel because we care how you feel and have helped more nervous patients to become more relaxed patients by ensuring we gain their trust and keep their trust by ensuring they have a good experience from beginning to end.

This also goes for any children we see. Being a private practice we have the time to ensure that we give our child patients the caring environment, the parents probably wished they had, so that they grow up to be happy dental patients of the future. 

Dental implants Somerset




Cost-effective treatment
Dental implants Somerset

Whatever you invest in your dental health, what you want is the treatment that does what you expected or more and that it will last you for many years to come, that is what we call cost-effective.

Our aim to give you our 4Cs promise ‘enable you to have a Comfortable mouth with a Confident smile whilst we treat you in a Caring Environment with Cost-effective high-quality treatment’ and to ensure we keep our cost-effective part of the promise we uniquely give you a 4 year written guarantee on all the restorations we place* which goes without saying has to be high-quality treatment.

At TRUST Dental if you place your trust in us by investing in your quality of life through better dental health we shall ensure that your treatment is cost-effective. 

*Subject to conditions

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