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COVID-19 Safety measures 

dental implants

Please click on the link below and read all the information before travelling to our Practice

dental implants
emergency dentist

As we are all dealing with this Covid-19 pandemic,

I wish to, first of all, reassure you about your forthcoming dental appointment.

We are conducting all routine treatment, including those involving aerosols


In regards to practicing, my team and I are practicing with arguably some of the most diligent and well-practiced protocols and procedures in place to ensure patient and staff safety. All our dental staff have been tested for COVID-19 and are screened regularly to identify early symptoms of the virus. Currently, all of our staff are healthy and present no symptoms of the virus. However, if you are in a high-risk group medically and your GP has advised you to self-isolate, it would be best if you did not attend unless for emergency treatment. This is not because I am concerned that you will get the virus in the dental surgery, but I am more concerned that you can pick it up in transit to and from the surgery, along with placing a potential extra strain on you and the acute medical services at a time of potential high demand. The risk benefits do not add up.

To maintain a safe practice and minimise the risk of contagion, We are treating every patient as potentially infectious at all times by having stringent cross-infection procedures, so the least likely place you will catch anything will be at our dental practice where all our instruments and materials are either sterilized or disposed of to be incinerated and the whole surgery is disinfected between each patient as well as practicing rigorous hand sanitization. Furthermore, a concern at present is aerosol contamination. I have always routinely used a rubber dam/tooth poncho when I use the drill and this is known to reduce aerosol contaminants by 98%. So for us, all the necessary measures are normal.


What we will ask you to:


  • Please put on a clean set of clothes when coming to the practice and wear a zipped up/buttoned up outer garment such as a coat or jacket to the practice.

  • Please sanitise your hands, put on a face mask provided, and allow a member of staff to take your temperature and oxygen levels. Leave your outer garments in the waiting area when you come into the practice. Then put on the shoe covers provided and sanitise once more before sitting in the grey armchair nearest to the entrance.

  • Complete a medical questionnaire

  • Wash your hands and have a mouth rinse before your treatment (we will do this in the surgery)

  • Sanitise your hands again before coming to the reception to pay and make your next appointment.


These are mandatory procedures for all of those who visit us - Please be assured that a member of staff will be at hand to help you with all the necessary procedures involved when visiting us. We hope this reassures our patients as we continue to make our practice a safe space.


Please let us know by email or phone (practice number is 01458 840033) if you are unable to attend.

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