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Do you love your dentures?

Dentures – A lifestyle Choice

If you are a denture wearer the question I would like to ask you is “Do you love your dentures”. This may seem like a strange question but in the heart of that question is do you love your denture more than having your own teeth. For the vast majority of people that would obviously be NO although the countless times I have asked dentists whether their patients would prefer not to have dentures, the dentists always tell me that the majority of their patients, when asked how they are getting on with their dentures, would say fine or ok, but they do not ask patients if they love their dentures.

The fact is a denture is a lifestyle choice. I regularly hear stories where people leave their dentures out when they are at home, as they do not like them in, only to be running around in a panic when the front door rings and they have to open the door. I have patients who have almost missed their flights as they had left their dentures at home and had to turn back to get them. Or whilst on a family holiday when a lady shared a room with her niece, she would go to bed after her niece to take her denture out and wake up at 4am to ensure she put her denture back in before her niece woke up as her niece had never seen her without teeth.

The most incredulous but often heard is how one partner in a long-term relationship has not told the other partner that they have a denture and certainly have never seen them without their dentures in. This just conjures up so many issues of self-esteem and shame.

So when people who do not have dentures say to me “would they not be better off to be rid of their teeth and to have a denture”, I advise them that it is not just a piece of plastic in their mouth with teeth but it is a lifestyle choice that will impact their lives in more ways than they will know.

That’s why if you’re a denture wearer and you do NOT love your denture, James can change your current lifestyle for the better with the likes of implants and quality dentistry that you can trust.


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