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Cost-effective Care at our core

We have all bought something at some time in our lives where we opted for the cheapest product or the cheapest service, only to find that the product lasted a lot less than we anticipated or that the service fell short of even our lowest expectations.

On the other hand, we have bought products or services where we have gone for the best we can afford and we may still treasure and enjoy those products or have brilliant memories of the experience we had with that service. This is what we would think of as being cost-effective or providing the greatest value.

Part of the TRUST Dental ethos is to deliver cost-effective treatment and restorations, meaning you have a good experience whilst you are with us undergoing treatment and can look forward to crowns, fillings, implants or dentures that will last for a long time if properly looked after. This is one of the reasons we uniquely offer a four-year guarantee.

When your oral health is so entwined with your quality of life, why would you want the cheapest when you can have the most cost-effective? In the words of the famous fashion designer, Aldo Gucci “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".

Although we are not the CHEAPEST dental practice around, we believe that improving your quality of life is a long-lasting investment and shouldn't involve continuous visits to the dentist with the same re-occurring problems.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with our dentist, then please contact Cris on 01458 840033, or via our social media pages and we can arrange a FREE VIDEO CONSULTATION with James, our dentist.

Or visit our TLC4TEETH webpage to find out more about how we work with you to spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying life!


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