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Why your smile can stay young and beautiful forever

Why your Smile can stay Young and Beautiful Forever

The elements that give someone a good-looking smile with youthful aesthetic are white teeth that are not badly worn and healthy looking gums that fully contour around the teeth. When you have these 3 elements together you have the famous Julia Roberts smile as seen in the films ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Notting Hill’.

Many people are aware of the ability to whiten their teeth and James has been whitening patient’s teeth since the early 90’s when the process first came across from America. He believes that whilst there are many teeth whitening treatments it is the detailed professional advice and the quality construction of the whitening trays that give patients the final results they seek.

James has also been performing cosmetic dentistry since the late 1980’s and through his skill and experience enhance the shape of patient’s teeth with minimal treatment required to achieve the maximum effect.

Finally, James understands the importance of how to maintain the gums and to correct any gum defects to add the final element to achieve that youthful and beautiful smile. Also, if required James can offer dental implant treatment to correct the bigger problems of missing teeth in a smile.

By being able to deliver the quality care in all the aspects of making a beautiful natural smile, James may not have created standard Julia Roberts smile for his patients but he has created smiles which make each of his patients feel that they could smile with the confidence of Julia Roberts.


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