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We are open throughout lockdown for all treatments

***We are open throughout lockdown for all treatments***

During the lockdown in Spring, TRUST Dental was one of the very few dental practices in the South West open and treating dental emergencies.

During and since the Spring lockdown, TRUST Dental has been operating in a Covid-safe manner beyond what has been published in the national guidance for dental practices, to ensure that our patients and staff remain safe during this difficult time.

In this lockdown, the Government states, ‘it is vital anyone who thinks they need any kind of medical care comes forward and seeks help’.

Since the Spring lockdown ended, TRUST Dental has been able to offer all aspects of dental treatment and shall continue to do so during this second lockdown to ensure that all our patients - current and new - can get the dental treatment they require.

Whatever your dental needs, we’re here to help - through lockdown and beyond. Call us on 01458 840033.


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