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Trust Dental (not so) Grand Opening Today

Against all the odds, Trust Dental practice will be opening today for the first time and seeing our patients that feel able to attend to meet their dental needs. I would like to thank all my patients who have waited so patiently for my new practice to open.

We have emailed all patients who have appointments with us our Covid-19 policy and relevant information and it is also on our website. We are taking every measure to protect me, our staff and patients that will be attending the practice by having rigorous cross infection control procedures and appropriate PPE and I know that with the extra precautions we will be taking, that patients will receive their dental care in a very low risk environment.

For those who are not patients of the practice and have not seen the videos sent out to my patients on how to protect yourself from Covid-19 or how to deliver provisions and safely enter the home of vulnerable people, I have added the links below.

Finally, even if you are not a patient of ours and you require emergency dental treatment, look at our Covid-19 Safety Measures before contacting us and feel free to call us for further advice.

Keep safe, make space and hand sanitize

Thank you

Dr James Main


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