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Transform your smile for a brighter future!

For some people, the wearing of a mask has allowed them to meet other people when they are out, and not to be as self-conscious of their teeth as they were before compulsory mask-wearing. It has enabled those people to laugh and smile freely in public and experience the benefits of the uplift to their quality of life that this brings.

However, this pandemic and mask-wearing will not last forever. Hopefully, before too long, we shall be able to show a full-face smile in public settings. Of course, this will not help those who are less than happy with their teeth!

When other discretionary spending such as holidays, leisure, and entertainment has dropped, this may be the perfect time to make the investment in improving your dentition so that when the coverings come off, laughing and smiling in public will be even better.

TRUST Dental provides teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign and dental implants to replace missing teeth ( We also offer a full range of all other dental treatments (

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