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To keep your teeth, Have LESS DENTAL work done

You may ask why a dentist is giving out the message that less dental work is better for your teeth in the long term. However, the interesting thing about teeth is unlike much of your body like your bones, skin and hair which can rebuild itself when broken or cut teeth do not have that ability. When teeth are cut to place a filling, that bit of tooth is gone forever down the dental suction tube. The more that is done to the tooth through dentistry, the less of the tooth there is, until such time it becomes irreparable and the tooth ends up being extracted. So why do dentists want to cut teeth at all. Unfortunately, we all know how much refined sugar is out there in all we eat and drink and this causes dental decay over time hence requiring dentists to intervene and cut teeth to fill them, so starts the slippery slope of tooth demise. James recognises the need to preserve every bit of tooth that is possible in order to ensure your teeth give you the lifelong service you would want. As James has the experience of using minimally invasive techniques and dental implants, he is able to ensure that you preserve all the tooth structure that could be preserved whilst at the same time using dental implants to replace all the teeth that cannot be saved without causing any damage to any other teeth.


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