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“The treatment was definitely worth the wait”

Losing a tooth at a young age can be a harrowing experience. Adam suffered a trauma to his upper two front teeth during a cycling accident at the age of thirteen. Ten years later, he discovered the life-changing benefits of dental implants to help him smile confidently and enjoy tucking into his favourite foods once again.

Adam takes up the story. “Following the cycling accident, both teeth were put back in place at hospital. While the left one slowly recovered, the front right tooth could not be saved.”

The top left tooth was re-implanted and, for the right-hand gap, Adam was provided with a removable tooth which he had to take out during meals. Later, he underwent a course of orthodontics to straighten all his teeth. When the braces came off, a bridge was fitted to replace the removable tooth.

Several years passed without incident, although Adam was never keen on how the right-hand bridge looked. Then he became aware of the left tooth becoming increasingly loose and slightly painful. He had previously enjoyed playing football and rugby and is a very sociable young man with good interpersonal skills.

As the tooth became more unstable, he recalls struggling with meals. On more than one occasion he remembers feeling self-conscious about having to break up a burger to avoid biting into it with his front teeth. He was also concerned about the risks of playing contact sports.

The choice for confidence and function

Adam started to research local dentists but found it hard to get an appointment during 2020. Eventually, he was relieved to find that help was available at TRUST Dental.

A free initial video consultation took place with our dentist, James Main. Following a full clinical examination, James discussed the findings and his recommendations with Adam. The choices included another bridge, or two crowns supported by either one or two dental implants. Adam explains, “At the age of 23 with my whole life ahead of me, I felt I needed an option which would provide me with more confidence, so I chose implants.”

Over a four-month period, James provided treatment that would eventually transform Adam’s smile and provide fixed teeth held in place by a single dental implant. James continues, “Dental implants are not suitable for teenagers. Young people’s jaws are still growing and their underlying bone tissue is not fully developed. He adds, “The good news is that, as young people reach their twenties, implants can help to create a natural-looking smile and restore full chewing function.”

Adam’s implant treatment at TRUST Dental was completed just before Christmas 2020. Having recently finished university, he is looking forward to embarking on a career in sports science. He remarks, “I am now feeling a lot more confident and find I am smiling without even thinking about it. Eating has been so much more comfortable, and I do wonder why on earth I didn’t get the treatment done sooner!”

Adam waited almost ten years to see the transformation and be able to give a full, wide smile and use his two front teeth without fear. He understandably speaks about his experience with enthusiasm and believes that the treatment was definitely worth the wait.

Before and after treatment



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