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Patient procedures when visiting us.

We have been successfully helping a number of patients who have been unable to access help in any other way during this COVID-19 lock down.

Whilst we advice all our patients as to what they need to do when attending our practice, we thought this animation highlighting the patient procedures for visiting TRUST Dental would help inform patients further, prior to their emergency appointment.

When visiting our practice, you will be greeted at the door and be asked to remain in the marked out entrance area whilst you complete the following - You will first be asked to sanitise your hands using the sanitiser provided and put on a face mask that we will provide. You will then have to remove your outer garment (coat or jacket) and place it in the labelled container. After doing this, you will have to put on the shoe covers provided and sanitise your hands once more. Following this, we will ask you to take a seat and await further instructions.

Do it 4S: Stay Safe, make Space and hand Sanitise.


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