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Keeping our Nurses safe beyond the Surgery!

Keeping our Nurses safe beyond the Surgery!

Here, one of our nurses can be seen in all of her 'De-Con' PPE ready to clean away! As well as all of the pictured PPE, to further ensure our nurses safety, we've invested in the Sterilair Pro - A UVC-light air purifier that's sold for use in surgeries and works to remove airborne contaminants such as coronavirus particles. But since we aim to protect our nurses in every environment in our Practice, we've chosen to use one in our De-Con room too!

When they're not wearing air hoods and working with our dentist in the surgery, our nurses work very hard behind the scenes, cleaning instruments and preparing for our next patient - As well as disinfecting the surgery and public areas thoroughly, part of their role is to work in our de-contamination room. This 'high-risk' area is where all of our dirty PPE and instruments end up after treatments and is arguably one of the most high-risk areas in our Practice. Hence, we feel it is essential that our staff are protected to the highest possible standards when working in our 'De-Con' room.

Coincidentally, we are currently hiring Nurses, so if you're a motivated dental nurse looking to get back to work in a safe dental environment, or if you know someone who is, then please get in touch via email (


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