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Join our NEW Patient plan

As well as being able to provide ALL dental treatments we have now launched our TRUST Dental Plan.

Unlike other dental plans where you can only join once you are assessed to be dentally fit, with our TRUST Dental plan you can join as soon as you have completed a new patient exam or if you’re an existing patient already.

The benefits of this plan are:

Spreading the cost of your dental maintenance costs over 12 months

10% discount on the cost of routine dental examinations and dental hygiene treatments

5% discount on all private fees and a further 5% discount on private treatments over £1000 (1)

Priority Emergency appointments

Assisting you in maintaining our unique 4-year guarantee on all recommended treatments

With a new patient exam being only £198 with 50% or £99 refunded against the cost of any recommended treatment you proceed with (2), there is no better time to invest in your oral health and quality of life.

To sign up, please follow the link below or call us on 01458 840033, to find out more -

We also offer a free video consultation if you wish to send us your contact details via either Facebook, our website, or by giving us a call on 01458 840033 (Mon-Fri 08.45-17.30).

(1) 5% discount on advance payments over £1000

(2) All recommended treatments other than routine hygiene treatments.


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