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How to see less of your dentist... Not more!

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

“I seem to be always at the dentist” “My mouth never seems to be comfortable” “My dentist says I have a difficult mouth” “My fillings just seem to fall out” “My dentures never feel right”

If the answer is ‘yes’, you have been the recipient of ‘revolving-door dentistry’. Sadly, many people are trapped in a continuous cycle of emergency appointments, treatment, followed by yet more appointments.

As a ‘revolving-door patient’, you are not only using up that most precious commodity - your time, your quality of life is also being diminished by an uncomfortable mouth and the inconvenience of your oral health suffering, usually at the wrong moment.

At TRUST Dental, we do not subscribe to the ‘revolving-door’ approach but rather to the TLC4Teeth philosophy (Total Lifelong Care for Teeth). Our TLC4Teeth programme helps you achieve a Comfortable mouth with a Confident smile treated in a Caring environment. Our goal is to ensure your oral health improves your quality of life, rather than hinders it. Over time, the TLC4Teeth programme means that you will only come to TRUST Dental for routine planned maintenance.

So, we’re looking forward to seeing less of you! Are you looking forward to seeing less of us?

Don’t be a revolving-door patient – break the cycle today by calling us on 01458 840033.


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