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How to achieve your natural-looking smile

With demand escalating for cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic improvements, patients are turning to the team at TRUST Dental to ask what treatments we can offer. However, not everyone opts for the celebrity whiter-than-white smile. In the latest TRUST Dental Q&A, dentist James Main deals with ten of the more frequently asked questions about the growing trend for a more natural look.

Q. How can I achieve the natural-looking smile I always wanted within my budget?

A. As in all aspects of life, you get what you pay for. The important thing to remember is to focus on the most appropriate treatment within the means you have available, not the cheapest option. Our team at TRUST Dental will be honest and open with you, ensuring we provide the best effect for the investment you can provide.

Q. I am getting married in a year’s time and want to walk down the aisle with a confident smile. What are my options?

A. There are many options, from teeth whitening, straightening or composite veneers, to having missing teeth replaced with implants. It all depends on your starting point or where your dentition and mouth is right now and where you want to end up. If you want to avoid leaving your teeth in a glass in the bathroom on your honeymoon night, I would advise you to have a consultation with us sooner rather than later!

Q. Is it possible to have my teeth straightened within a few months?

A. This is possible but the timescale would be influenced by how much orthodontic treatment is required and the extent of your problem. My priority is to achieve the right long-term result and overall effect for you. Sometimes, this can take a little longer. Obviously if you have an important event coming up, such as a wedding, we will do our best to accommodate you, but the speed is often determined by the biological timetable!

Q. I would love a smile makeover but have a phobia about the dentist’s drill. What would you recommend?

A. The dentist’s drill is often a reminder of a previous bad experience which involved a drill. An effective remedy is to counteract your negative memories with good dental experiences. We’re known for this at TRUST Dental. Our ethos is to treat you with care and respect; until you experience a caring environment you may struggle to overcome your fears.

Q. Will I have to avoid certain food and drink once my teeth are whitened?

A. No, you can eat and drink as you please. However, you must be more diligent about the level of home maintenance if you consume food and beverages with a propensity to stain.

Q. I would love a nicer smile but would find it inconvenient to attend several appointments. Can you still help me?

A. That is possible but you would probably need to attend appointments over a longer time. I would encourage you to think about the long-term effect you are trying to achieve, rather than the short-term inconvenience. Are you willing to make the financial and time investment to do that? If the answer is “yes”, then the benefits will be worth it in the longer term.

Q. My teeth are embarrassingly crooked. What would you recommend?

A. There are many options, from discreet Invisalign clear aligners to crowns or veneers, or a combination of each. Why not book in for a New Patient Exam and all will be revealed!

Q. I still have some baby teeth. Can you make them look more ‘adult’?

A. Usually this is a relatively easy procedure to carry out but it depends on whether your baby teeth are good for the long term. If not, we will discuss all the options with you after the clinical assessment.

Q. I feel I am too old to wear a metal brace but would like less crowded teeth. What would you suggest?

A. With Invisalign you do not wear a metal brace but rather a transparent appliance over your teeth to straighten them. The effect is very discreet and, whilst not completely invisible, to the casual observer they are barely detectable. They are also removable for eating and brushing.

Q. My teeth are yellow but I don’t want to go for the celebrity look. Are there different shades available with professional teeth whitening treatments?

A. As I always say to my patients who opt for deep home whitening treatment, it is up to you to decide when your teeth are white enough, and then stop. Throughout almost 30 years of whitening teeth I have never had one patient come back to me and say, “James, my teeth are too white - could you make them a bit more yellow again?”. However, you may be the first!!

Whatever your aspirations for your smile, there are likely to be a range of treatment options available to suit your aims, budget and timescales. Our team is just a phone call away and we’re looking forward to helping you put your plans into action. Call us on 01458 840033.


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