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Comfort and quality of life restored

Jane was finding it difficult to get an appointment with an NHS dentist to discuss the discomfort she was experiencing from her ill-fitting dentures. Following an initial consultation with James Main, her treatment plan was soon underway. Here, Jane reflects on the lasting value of her new, better-fitting dentures, and the positive experience and standard of patient care delivered by the TRUST Dental team.

Jane is a retired nurse in her early 70s. For some time, she had been putting up with ill-fitting, loose and uncomfortable false teeth. Every morning she was faced with the daily challenge of fixing the dentures, which she found increasingly difficult and painful.

The dentures were affecting her quality of life, particularly at mealtimes.

Jane recalls, “Not only was I in pain a lot of the time, I was finding I had to make food choices, avoiding anything too hard which needed chewing.”

Jane took up the opportunity of a free virtual consultation with our dentist, Dr James Main, followed by a new patient examination at the practice. Several treatment options were discussed. James had to remove some of Jane’s back teeth, and make a new full denture for her upper jaw and a partial denture for the bottom jaw.

Value for years to come

James explains, “Dentistry is not just about seeking the best cosmetic outcome or using the latest treatment technology. More than ever, our role as dental professionals is about listening to the patient’s concerns, hopes and desires and seeing the person as a whole.”

Jane reports that she is getting on fine with her new dentures and found the TRUST Dental team extremely pleasant to deal with. “I was struggling with my old false teeth but now I don’t have any of the previous discomfort and eating is an experience which I can look forward to,” she says.

James adds, “Our philosophy is founded on providing the most suitable treatment option to meet each and every patient’s individual requirements. The new full upper and partial lower dentures have immensely improved Jane’s quality of life and will provide value for many years to come.”



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