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Bad Breathe? What can you do about it?

Being told we have bad breath, or halitosis, naturally makes us very self-conscious and embarrassed. Here at TRUST Dental we will give you a comprehensive MOT (Mouth Odour Test!) of your mouth and be able to identify and treat the causes of bad breath, helping to improve the quality of life for you and those closest to you.

Before the Covid pandemic, most of us only recognised bad breath in others and not in ourselves, unless our partner happened to be blunt and told us. However, since the wearing of masks has become widespread, people who suffer from halitosis are realising themselves that their breath may not be as innocuous as they believed.

Whilst bad breath may be socially embarrassing, it is often an indicator of a chronic, more serious condition in your mouth. This could be gum disease or a tooth infection that is not giving you any other symptoms. There could be other causes such as food or drink you consume, or the medication you take which can lead to a dry mouth.

Whatever the reason, do not expect to cure your bad breath by just using minty mouthwashes and chewing flavoured gum. These will help to mask the odour for a little while but will not deal with the underlying cause.

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